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FHA 203K and Energy Efficient Upgrades

The Buzzz presents 203K financing with Energy Efficient Possibilities. Here we look at renovating a home using FHA 203K rehabilitation financing. Kate McCaffrey of McCaffrey Custom Construction and Bayside Real Estate in Alameda Ca discusses energy efficient ideas that could possibly be financed with your mortgage using the FHA 203K loan.

5 Areas of a Green Point Rated Home
• Water Conservation
• Energy Efficiency
• Resource Conservation
• Community
• Indoor Air Quality

Possible ideas for a kitchen include Mammalian flooring, energy AND water efficient appliances, bamboo countertops, and composters.Energy Efficient Upgrades

Other Energy Efficient 203K Options:
• Refinish Floors w/ Low VOC Finished Floors
• Non VOC Paint
• VOC =Volatile Organic Compound which offs gas into the air lowers indoor air quality
• Insulate the Attic, Floors, Walls of the Exterior of Building
• Replace Roof With Cool Roof

So what is a cool roof? A cool roof is one that reflects the sun’s heat and emits absorbed radiation back into the atmosphere.

Another great product is a Fly Ash Foundation, which is made using recycled bi products of the coal Industry into the foundation.

For more information on FHA 203K Rehabilitation loans or making your home green contact the Werdmuller Group! We are in contact with a local 203K consultant and contractor with experience doing these types of transactions, successfully!