An FHA Loan After Foreclosure

By June 10, 2013
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One of the worst things that you could have on your credit is a foreclosure if you have any hopes of buying a home in the future. There is no way of getting around this black mark on your credit if you have been through foreclosure in the past, but this being said, it is possible to own a home again. Years ago when people had their home taken from them because they were unable to pay their hopes of owning a home again were often dashed. The fact is that the FHA loan has been around for more than 70 years, but there is so much misinformation out there that many people simply assumed that their days of home ownership were gone. While it can be difficult to reestablish yourself after a foreclosure, it is possible to own a home again.

An FHA Loan Makes Home Ownership Possible

137741988While you may have had a foreclosure in your past you could own a home again. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t, for the pure and simple fact that the government believes that some people truly do fall on hard times and are unable to pay on their home, but they are still worthy of home ownership. These people can often rebound and turn their finances around in relatively little time and they are again worthy of owning a home again. An FHA loan is the way that many people are able to own again, even if they have had a foreclosure experience in the past.

If you were foreclosed on six months ago you will find that there is not any way, short of paying in cash for the full price of the home that you will be able to get into a home again with your name on the loan. There is not a lender out there that wants to take this risk, but you can often obtain an FHA loan in as little as 24 months from the date of your foreclosure. This is not to say that everyone who experiences foreclosure will qualify for one of these loans, but if you have worked on your finances and your credit in the 24 or more months since then you will find that it is possible to get into a home again.

All that the Federal Housing Administration needs to see when they consider you for one of their insured loans is that you have learned from your foreclosure experience. The way that you do this is by maintaining a better credit standing by paying all of your bills on time and perhaps paying more than the minimum balances on things. While your FICO score is not considered for one of these loans, the lender will look at your ability to take out credit and use it accordingly. If you have maintained good to excellent credit since your foreclosure you will find that it is simple to get into a home again.

Foreclosure is not something that most of us ever plan on, but it happens to some of the best of us. There are often circumstances beyond our control that lead us to be unable to pay for our homes. While this is unfortunate, the FHA insured loans are the second chance that many people need to do things right this time around. If you are serious about home ownership, it may be time for you to look into this option.