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Legislation Seeks to Increase FHA Loan Down Payments

The House Financial Services Committee drafted legislation (the FHA Rural Regulatory Improvement Act of 2011) that seeks to raise the required down payment on Federal Housing Administration-backed loans to 5 percent, and would also lock home buyers out of financing closing costs. Proposal Worries Lending Experts This proposal has been denounced by Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Home Builders. It’s still not… Read More »

Buying a Condo in Orange County with a FHA Loan

What if you want to buy a home, but a house is out of your price range, or perhaps you just prefer the ease and convenience and not having to care for a lot of property. How about a condo? It is possible to get a Federal Housing Administration loan for a condominium. As far as the FHA is concerned, buying a condo (at least from the buyer’s perspective) is… Read More »

The FHA’s Short Refinance Program

A little-known program offered through the Federal Housing Administration can be a lifesaver for qualified borrowers who are underwater on their home loans. It’s called the Short Refinance Program, and it’s the FHA’s way of offering a mortgage refinance loan that is manageable even for home owners with a poor loan-to-value ratio. The program is only available to borrowers who are current on their payments, but who owe more on… Read More »

FHA 101 for Every Home Buyer

For every first time home buyer, the lack of familiarity of purchasing a home, its details, processes, lists of documentation, and amount of time and consideration is nothing short of an overwhelming experience when you don’t know what to expect, do, or where to start. Luckily, for first time buyers the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offer’s loan programs designed to get you approved. Because FHA loans allow for an easier… Read More »

Can I Attain A FHA Loan With Non-Traditional Credit History?

With the recent rise of FHA loan limits to $729,750 for Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, and many additional areas across the country, totaling over 660 markets and with as little of a down payment as low as 3.5%, the large possibility it provides for future homeowners has grown tremendously. With larger loan limits provided FHA loan programs, more and more people are now eligible to qualify for a government… Read More »

HUD Gives Grant To Four Southern California Communities

If you are moving forward as a FHA 1st time home buyer and currently looking within the areas of Orange County, Los Angeles, and or Ventura County, then you will want to know about the recent announcement made by the Federal Housing Administration and the Department of Housing and Urban Development just a few days ago. As of December 9th, the Federal Housing Administration and U.S. Secretary Shaun Donovan for… Read More »