FHA Loan Requirements – Understanding the Benefits

By October 25, 2012
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FHA or The Federal Housing Administration loans are beneficial to common citizens to avail the opportunity to become house owners. Loans are forwarded to aspiring and eligible candidates on certain conditions which vary from state to state and on the standard of housing business of a particular area. You need to understand several helpful benefits that are provided by FHA loans before you apply to find the most suitable option.

98438247It has a fundamental difference with sub prime loans in structuring the interest table without any deviation in interest rates throughout the currency of the loan and stands undisturbed for the entire period. Hence, you do not have to suffer the agony of higher monthly repayments after a period of five or six years and turn defaulter. The condition may lead to bankruptcy or foreclosure of the property.

Fixed interest rates in FHA loans are much lower than rates on borrowings from other lending institutions, which homeowners should find an important benefit in the loan arrangement. The advantage is availed by about every home buyer because of the minimum credit rating of 640 being allowed for consideration for a FHA loan. Other loans need at least 740 as the credit score at the minimum level. People with bankruptcy records are also eligible for the loan after a gap of 2 years from the incident and for foreclosure history; the period is for 3 years. The poor financial record or incident should be replaced by a steady employment record of improved nature with the same employer and a stable monthly income with periodical increment is considered favorable for you as an applicant for the loan.

There is another special benefit of the loan is its minimum down payment requirement, which is only 3.5% for making it easy for the borrower. The monthly repayment installment does not exceed 31% of the gross monthly income of the applicant. You have to undertake an insurance of the mortgage under the FHA loan rules, which makes you eligible for obtaining refinance of the mortgage, if it is required in the future. The process of refinance is uncomplicated and can be materialized without any hindrance and very quickly.

FHA loans are definitely more suitable for an ordinary citizen in comparison to borrowings from other traditional lending options because of fixed rates of interest. The loan amount depends on the demand and price of homes in different localities and you are sure to find a house in your area and matching FHA loan to own the house without any complication. However, there is an upper limit to loans available to citizens, which has been decided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development along with certain rules to become eligible for FHA loans. Your FHA loans requirements are best described by a financial counselors approved by the Federal government, who provides useful advice without any charge for helping common citizens of the nation.