First Time Home Buyers And Social Media | QR Codes

By August 11, 2013
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In the world of today, 1st home buyers are enjoying all the benefits and tools available to them with just a few simple clicks on their smart phones. With information everywhere on FHA loans and programs for FHA 1st time home buyers, the possibilities to own an FHA approved home in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Ventura County continues to grow with continual loan programs and benefits being created each day.

As a 1st time home buyer, some are seasoned social media members while others are still not sure what all the ‘social media’ hype is all about. But if you are a first home buyer and currently active in any of the home buying stages, it is only beneficial to you to know more about social media tools, how real estate agents and the real estate industry are tapping into the tools so that as a buyer, you can utilize the information for you and your family.

For an example, a largely used tool today in real estate is a social media tool known as a Quick Response Code, also known as a ‘QR Code’. For many selling agents, the QR Code is a beneficial way to allow drive by buyers to grab a quick video tour of the home at their convenience. By printing the QR Code onto the FOR SALE sign, buyers can simply click the image which then directs them to the home tour or other informational pages that the homeowner or selling agent has available for viewing.

With so many ways to utilize the QR Code tool, here is a quick and easy breakdown for all 1st home buyers to check out:

“QR Code” Defined | ‘QR” is an acronym for Quick Response Code. The appearance of a QR Code is that of a two dimensional bar code able to be read by one’s mobile device. The ‘reading’ of the QR Code takes the viewer to aimages (40) website, video, questionnaire, landing page, or other options, that allow for the delivery of intact of information. The QR Code has been a popular tool in markets such as Europe, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, and South America years before its’ recent arrival just this past year in the United States.

How To Read A QR Code | For first home buyers on the hunt, take a moment to view your phone and it’s ability for smart phone apps. Every phone will be able to download a ‘QR Code reader’ and with multiple options to choose from, select an app that you like. To help, here are some options of QR Code app readers to consider:

  • Gigaom – app for iPhone
  • Quickmark – app for Android
  • ScanLife – app for Blackberry

To test the app once you have downloaded the program to your phone, simply point your phone at the QR Code, select, and read away!

QR Code Benefits FHA 1st Time Home Buyers |

  • Provides quick and easy information in details for various areas of the home such as a video of the interior, home highlights on its characteristics like bedroom count, remodeled areas, asking price, and more.
  • Allows first home buyers to save the information they viewed for a re-cap whenever needed.
  • Provides a means of communication for all parties…buyers to selling agent, selling agent to buying agent. With open communication, FHA 1st time home buyers can stay on top of all the activity associated to the homes they view and are considering.

With QR Codes combined with a list of other social media apps, every 1st home buyer can get informed, stay up to date, track, organize, and find themselves having fun throughout their buying experience.