Home Condition Requirements for an FHA Loan

FHA loans are a popular type of mortgage that is often used by first time home buyers. The low down payment requirement and easier credit guidelines are both issues that attract borrowers to choose FHA. While it is FHA’s mission to make homeownership affordable for consumers, it is also their concern that a home be a safe and secure place to live. For this reason, there are specific home condition… Read More »

Important Considerations When Applying For A FHA Loan

With interest rates the lowest they have been in generations and property prices stable there are some people who believe now is the best time to buy a home. If you are buying your home with all cash from your personal savings then congratulations you have achieved quite a milestone. The majority of Americans do not have enough cash to buy the home outright or even to pay the standard… Read More »

FHA Loan Modification Program

Even though the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is rendering extensive attempts to encourage the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) home loan modification plan sponsored by the government, many borrowers are still not knowledgeable about the plan. They do not understand how useful it would be in adjusting their existing mortgage. The FHA program features can help you customize your existing house loan, and make it less expensive to… Read More »

FHA Loan Basics

FHA loans are offered through the Federal Housing Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Although the word loan is in the title, it is actually insurance for lenders that promises them that their loan will be paid back. Favorable lending terms like receiving a lower interest rate and paying a smaller down payment are available for families who have an FHA loan. If you… Read More »

Congress Passes New Maximum Loan Limits That Increase FHA Loan Power

The day has come where 1st home buyers are able to step forward with both confidence and success as they move towards attaining their first FHA Orange County home. This long awaited agreement has placed the ability for FHA loans to move into the light and at the top of the list. With higher mortgage limits for the Federal Housing Administration, commonly referred to as FHA loans, and absolute no… Read More »

1st Home Buyer Outline | Navigating to your FHA Home

For many, it is a step towards a token of pride and success; an achievement within one’s life marking a new era. But as popular and well diverse the experience is for each new member, being a 1st home buyer is never not scary, not easy, not filled with doubt, and not full of familiarity towards something lived in the past. Home buying for the first time is a unique… Read More »