How To Be The Best FHA Borrower You Can Be

Qualifying for your dream job is very similar to being accepted and approved for an FHA mortgage loan within Southern California’s popular areas of Orange, Los Angeles, and Venture County. With your life’s details written in black and white, the characteristics of your behavior are shown through the elements of patterns coded in ways such as: past and current location of employment, the name and location of your employer, how… Read More »

FHA Streamline Makes Refinancing Easier

Rather than the long, arduous journey Orange County home buyers might fear when considering refinancing their existing FHA loan, the FHA has actually set up a streamlined approval process to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for qualified borrowers. The program is intended for home owners who currently have an FHA loan. Also, to avoid having to go through the traditional (not streamlined) qualification process, you’ll need to… Read More »

FHA 203K and Energy Efficient Upgrades

The Buzzz presents 203K financing with Energy Efficient Possibilities. Here we look at renovating a home using FHA 203K rehabilitation financing. Kate McCaffrey of McCaffrey Custom Construction and Bayside Real Estate in Alameda Ca discusses energy efficient ideas that could possibly be financed with your mortgage using the FHA 203K loan. 5 Areas of a Green Point Rated Home • Water Conservation • Energy Efficiency • Resource Conservation • Community • Indoor Air Quality Possible… Read More »