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Books To Help FHA 1st Time Home Buyers

Only 12 days into the New Year and the mortgage industry is already in an uproar. Their screams call for more opportunities to new and current homeowners, no rise in loan fees by congress, maintaining high loan limits for borrowers, and establishing a consistent level of stability for the industry and confidence across the nation’s mortgage industry. Published on the National Mortgage News, details of another claim were given regarding… Read More »

Home Mortgage Loan – A Special Bad Credit FHA Loan

FHA, or Federal Housing Administration, insures this home mortgage loan. The downpayment is less than 3 %, but even 100 % financing is possible. There is no minimum credit score or FICO requirements. The closing costs of this home mortgage loan are regulated by FHA. 1. How To Improve The Credit Score? When you decide to apply for the home mortgage loan with bad credit, it requires planning. You should prepare for this important action… Read More »

Easy FHA Loan Qualifications With No Credit Or Bad Credit

If you fall into one of these categories you should definitely consider an FHA loan. Considering a home purchase with less than perfect credit Considering a home refinance with less than perfect credit Considering buying a home but have not established traditional credit. Currently in an ARM loan that is due to reset – and have less than perfect credit If you have less than perfect credit or no traditional… Read More »

Important Considerations When Applying For A FHA Loan

With interest rates the lowest they have been in generations and property prices stable there are some people who believe now is the best time to buy a home. If you are buying your home with all cash from your personal savings then congratulations you have achieved quite a milestone. The majority of Americans do not have enough cash to buy the home outright or even to pay the standard… Read More »