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FHA Home Loan Qualifications – 7 FHA Loan Requirements You Need to Know!

When purchasing a new home, there is an important financing option to consider, the FHA loan. If you meet the FHA Home Loan Qualifications, you may be able to save a lot of money with an FHA loan. Not everyone qualifies for one of these loans because the federal government has set some strict guidelines. The majority of people who finance with this type of loan are first time home… Read More »

FHA Loan Requirements – Here’s What You Need to Do to Qualify For an FHA Home Loan

If you have been trying to get a home loan with a traditional mortgage and have been unable to do so, you will want to look at applying for an FHA home loan. The requirements are not as strict and you need less money for a down payment. While these are probably the most important issues for you, there are a set of guidelines that must be followed to qualify.… Read More »

FHA Home Loan Program – 6 Advantages to FHA Loan Financing!

The FHA Home Loan Program is becoming the most popular way to finance the purchase of homes across the nation. It has always been popular but have become more so in the last couple of years because of the problems in the housing market. Conventional loans are becoming harder to get and the down payment required is 20% or more. Another problem with conventional loans is that credit has tightened… Read More »