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What All FHA 1st Time Home Buyers Need to Know

With the availability in today’s real estate market, receiving a low interest mortgage rate combined with the government backed programs provided by FHA, stepping in to the life long dream of becoming a first time home buyer is completely attainable. Don’t believe it to be true? It is understandable to look at all the information floating across the newspapers, television screens, computer websites, social sites, mobile apps, home flyers, and… Read More »

Common First Home Buyer Mistakes, Part One

As a first home buyer, buying a home is an exciting whirlwind full of new things and items to consider at each new turn. From renting to home ownership, many families are making their dreams come alive by investing in their future and building a foundation for years to come. Buying one’s first home is nothing short of a lifetime achievement. Though the purchasing of an FHA Orange County, Los… Read More »

FHA Mortgage Loan Timeline

An FHA Mortgage loan is the most common type of mortgage for home purchasers to use these days.  Getting an FHA Loan is also one of the most frustrating experiences for a home buyer to endure.  It makes shopping for the home, negotiating the price, and the home inspection seem easy for most people. After taking a quick survey and finding that this was the most frustrating part of the home buying process… Read More »

Move In With an FHA Loan

FHA mortgage loans are among the easiest for borrowers to qualify for. If you are seeking a mortgage but your credit is less than perfect, you should definitely consider an FHA loan – It may be much easier for you to qualify and can save you a lot of money as well. Private financial institutions fund FHA Loans however they are backed and insured by the Federal Housing Administration or the ‘FHA’.… Read More »

What is an FHA Loan and Why Choose an FHA Loan

Have you been hearing all the bad news about the economic downturn? Have you been led to believe that getting a mortgage loan is nearly impossible and that banks have stopped loaning money? While there has been a shift in the types of loans being made, it simply isn’t true that you can’t get financed for home ownership. FHA loans have become a standard in the changing economy, and with… Read More »

What is an FHA Spot Loan?

Weaving through the myriad of guidelines along the road to an FHA loan for a condominium, you run into a roadblock that says the entire condo project must be FHA approved. You could ask the homeowners association to apply for FHA approval and change their bylaws, but if there is little or no chance of them making the effort, then you could try an FHA spot loan. FHA created the… Read More »