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VA Loans Or FHA Loans – What is the Best Home Loan Option For Veterans?

VA and FHA Loans are both great federal backed mortgage programs. When comparing the two federal home loan programs, it’s only natural to wonder which one might be right for you. There are obvious distinctions between military and FHA mortgages. Loan limits, qualifying requirements, down payments and fees can all vary between the two programs. Determining whether VA or FHA is the appropriate loan for a specific situation involves weighing… Read More »

What is an FHA Loan and Why Choose an FHA Loan

Have you been hearing all the bad news about the economic downturn? Have you been led to believe that getting a mortgage loan is nearly impossible and that banks have stopped loaning money? While there has been a shift in the types of loans being made, it simply isn’t true that you can’t get financed for home ownership. FHA loans have become a standard in the changing economy, and with… Read More »

What is an FHA Spot Loan?

Weaving through the myriad of guidelines along the road to an FHA loan for a condominium, you run into a roadblock that says the entire condo project must be FHA approved. You could ask the homeowners association to apply for FHA approval and change their bylaws, but if there is little or no chance of them making the effort, then you could try an FHA spot loan. FHA created the… Read More »

Is an FHA Loan Still a Good Deal?

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is an agency that aims to assist hopeful future homeowners to successfully gain ownership of a property. For one, FHA loans are widespread among those who have difficulty in financing. However, any borrower must see both sides of this loan so a profitable venture could be expected in the end. Basically, an FHA loan enables a buyer to give a small down payment upon purchasing… Read More »

5 Risks With Making FHA Loans

FHA is the hottest niche. You are going to be making tons of money with FHA loans this year. FHA is the new sub-prime. This is the hype we are hearing. Now for a little reality check on FHA. Plainly stated, there is some risk with FHA loans. The money is there for the making, but if you are about to get involved in this great lending niche, you should… Read More »

FHA Mortgage Loans are Back and Just in Time

When I first started in the mortgage business, at least one in four of all of my buyers got an FHA loan. The rates were fantastic, the down payment requirements minimal, and the credit requirements were close to meaningless. Most first – time home buyers got an FHA loan. In the last three years, over 600 families have trusted me with their home loan needs. Of those 600, I did a… Read More »