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FHA Mortgage Loan Timeline

An FHA Mortgage loan is the most common type of mortgage for home purchasers to use these days.  Getting an FHA Loan is also one of the most frustrating experiences for a home buyer to endure.  It makes shopping for the home, negotiating the price, and the home inspection seem easy for most people. After taking a quick survey and finding that this was the most frustrating part of the home buying process… Read More »

Obama FHA Loans – Tips to Modify Your FHA Mortgage Loan

In the times of financial crisis the US citizens are turning up to FHA loans. FHA stands for Federation Housing Administration. It is a part of the HUD (US Federal Housing & Urban Development Department). These are secured loans that help you save your home from the foreclosure. Here are some tips that would help you modify your FHA mortgage loan effectively: Do not approach the FHA through any agents… Read More »

How To Be The Best FHA Borrower You Can Be

Qualifying for your dream job is very similar to being accepted and approved for an FHA mortgage loan within Southern California’s popular areas of Orange, Los Angeles, and Venture County. With your life’s details written in black and white, the characteristics of your behavior are shown through the elements of patterns coded in ways such as: past and current location of employment, the name and location of your employer, how… Read More »