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FHA Loans for the 1st Time Home Buyer

1st Time Home Buyer Tips It may seem that there are a lot of “rules” to follow when it comes to FHA loan programs, but actually much of it is quite straight-forward, and if you have questions at any point in the process, your FHA Orange County, FHA Los Angeles, or FHA Ventura County lending professional is there to help. Here are a few key facts to keep in mind:… Read More »

First Home Buyer FHA Loan Prequalification Tips

There are few things more exciting than falling in love with a house, especially if you’re a 1st home buyer. On the flip side, few things match the disappointment of missing out on your dream home because you didn’t have the facts about FHA loan programs and can’t secure the mortgage you need. The solution? Get prequalified or preapproved for FHA loans before you go shopping. Then you can focus… Read More »

Buying a Condo in Orange County with a FHA Loan

What if you want to buy a home, but a house is out of your price range, or perhaps you just prefer the ease and convenience and not having to care for a lot of property. How about a condo? It is possible to get a Federal Housing Administration loan for a condominium. As far as the FHA is concerned, buying a condo (at least from the buyer’s perspective) is… Read More »

Common First Home Buyer Mistakes, Part One

As a first home buyer, buying a home is an exciting whirlwind full of new things and items to consider at each new turn. From renting to home ownership, many families are making their dreams come alive by investing in their future and building a foundation for years to come. Buying one’s first home is nothing short of a lifetime achievement. Though the purchasing of an FHA Orange County, Los… Read More »

Purchase a home through low rate mortgage lenders

he Federal Housing Administration is a department in the government that gives new homebuyers and people with low credit scores, the chance to purchase a home through low rate mortgage lenders. The way it works is an applicant will apply to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) for a loan. The FHA won’t give the new homebuyer a loan, but they will give them a chance to get a loan through… Read More »

Proposed Changes to FHA Loans

We can all expect some changes in the coming months as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) works to fix their problems. The first fix is towards their insurance premiums, which will be raised. The second is still only a proposal, but would limit the amount the seller can contribute to the closing costs of a home purchase. These fixes are in response to the FHA not meeting federal mandates which… Read More »