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The FHA’s Short Refinance Program

A little-known program offered through the Federal Housing Administration can be a lifesaver for qualified borrowers who are underwater on their home loans. It’s called the Short Refinance Program, and it’s the FHA’s way of offering a mortgage refinance loan that is manageable even for home owners with a poor loan-to-value ratio. The program is only available to borrowers who are current on their payments, but who owe more on… Read More »

FHA Loan Modifications – Now Possible

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has finally come into compliance with President Obama’s Home Stimulus Program! This means that millions of homeowners that previously could not get a loan modification, will now be able to! Effective August 2009 FHA borrowers will be able to reduce their monthly mortgage payments! This is great news for every FHA borrower out there! Previously only Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac borrowers were eligible for… Read More »

The Differences Between Home Loan Modification and FHA Loan Refinance

The number of American homeowners struggling to meet their monthly payments as a result of the current recession is massively increasing. If you are one of these homeowners under huge amounts of stress as a result of such financial difficulties, this article will help you to figure out what you can do to ensure your mortgage is covered. It will provide you with the appropriate knowledge about both home loan… Read More »

How to Go About a FHA Loan Modification Program?

FHA loans are one of the most pursued and ideal lending alternatives as they require just minimum details that have to be met with compared to other lending programs. If you are one of those many victims who have been trying to break their head trying to figure out how you will pay up your mortgage or loan repayment, the best alternative is to settle for a loan modification solution.… Read More »

The FHA Loan Modification Can Save You

Nowadays, bankruptcy is not your last resort. This is because there are now several programs available to help you and one of these is the FHA loan modification being given out by the Federal Housing Administration. This group of people run several programs in order to promote home ownership. Aside from helping out with loans, they also help homeowners purchase their homes through mortgages. The help this organization gives out… Read More »

Loan Modification Vs FHA – Hope For Homeowners Program – Comparative Analysis!

In the last 3 or 4 years, a large number of homeowners have been trying to complete a “loan workout” with their current mortgage lender to lower the interest rate and improve the terms of their loan. Many lenders have chosen not to accept any new terms, rather, let the property go into foreclosure. Because lenders have an overwhelming number of properties in foreclosure, they are starting to accept loan… Read More »