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Improve Your Mortgage Approval : The Income-Equity-Credit Triangle

Mortgage lending is tough these days. Banks are more careful, borrowers are more careful, and there is more federal regulation than there’s been in several years. However, there’s no “trick” to getting approved for mortgage. Underwriting is the same as it ever was — just with higher hurdles. All you have to do to get approved is to satisfy the Mortgage Income-Equity-Credit Triangle. Get Mortgage Approved : Income, Equity, Credit To get approved… Read More »

Securing Home Loans With Bad Credit Is Not So Difficult

The effects of the recession has hit some harder than others, but for everyone the challenge of securing a simple loan from a traditional lending institution has become that bit harder. But, what about when seeking funds to buy a home? As large as the resulting debt might be, it is possible to get home loans with bad credit. The reality of the financial world means that few of us… Read More »