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Basic FHA Loan (Home Mortgage Insurance – HUD/FHA)

The basic FHA loan which falls under section 203b is an effective mortgage insurance loan provided by the HUD/FHA to protect lenders against risk of default. Section 203b is the basic FHA loan which is a mortgage insurance program form for single families. This housing loan is provided by the HUD’s FHA or the Federal Housing Administration to insure the mortgage loans made by the qualified private lenders to people refinancing… Read More »

How to Get Approved for an FHA Loan Despite Bad Credit

Mortgage loans help the individuals to satisfy their immediate demands. Mortgage is the security for the loan amount that is provided to the money lender for getting the loan. Most mortgage companies do not risk the mortgage amount by providing loans to the people with bad credit scores. There are some bad credit mortgage companies that provide mortgage loans to bad credit holders but the interest rates charged are often… Read More »

Best Mortgage Deals: 203(K) Renovation Loans From FHA

Want to add value to a home? Some of the best bargains are properties in need of repair. The FHA 203(k) mortgage includes the cost to purchase or refinance and make repairs in one loan. This allows home buyers to borrower more than the sales price in order to make repairs if value increases. Borrowers are guided in the process by a certified consultant. Since the mortgage is government backed,… Read More »

The Down And Dirty Facts About FHA Loans

Owner-occupant home buyers do not usually think of themselves as investors who are trying to make money, so they pay full price for a home and get a government insured loan for the purchase, without giving it too much thought. Most of their focus goes into picking the right neighborhood or the right style and location. These are fundamentals that are more important to them than the money. They sort… Read More »